Weight Loss - Keeping It Simple

Weight Loss: Keeping It Simple

What can you do when the pounds are piling on and the buttonhole on your pants has decided that the button is no longer welcome to enter?

Your first impulse may be to kick and scream and curse the Gods of cellulite and, to the extent that it burns calories, that’s not a terrible idea.

Complexity is not your friend in these situations. There is a time for data gathering, battle planning and fancy algorithms, but this certainly isn’t it. What you need is simplicity, simple premises which lead to simple applications.

There is nothing simpler than one. You need only one vital, inarguable piece of information which will restore your faith and clarity of purpose. And set you back on your desired course.

Here it is…

Food consists of a single ingredient.

We are designed to eat food, not ingredients.

How many ingredients are in an apple? How about an avocado?


How many are in a twinkie?


This is not to say that all single-ingredient foods should be eaten as some foods are clearly more healthful than others. Nor is it to say that a meal must consist of only one food.

It is to say that the more ingredients a food product has, the less it is actual food.

This is simply an acknowledgement of where we come from and how we have evolved.

And a path back when we are lost.

Happy eating.

Dr. David Rendelstein, DPSc
Owner of ThinTech Weight Loss and Wellness

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