You’ve made the decision to lose weight, now it’s time to start losing the weight!

This is your opportunity to work with the sought-after author and weight loss expert Dr. Rendelstein, DPSc.

You’ve made the decision to lose weight, now it’s time to start losing the weight!

This is your opportunity to work with the sought-after author and weight loss expert Dr. Rendelstein, DPSc. Book your consultation today.

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ThinTech Weight Loss

We are New Jersey’s premiere Weight Loss facility offering personalized, scientifically validated, holistic weight loss programs. Our programs have been proven and many even come with a guarantee.

We utilize AI testing, supplements, custom food plans, and daily/weekly coaching and support to ensure that you lose weight on a healthy and sustainable way.

If you know that you “have to do something,” you need to speak with us today.

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Get started by having a consultation with Dr. Rendelstein himself. You will immediately see what makes ThinTech a winning weight loss program.

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Success Stories

Vikki Britten Lost 85.6lbs
Jill Bhola Lost over 111lbs
John Mazzariello Lost 51lbs
Jenny Pinho Lost 108lbs

“This program is excellent and easy to follow. The personal support is a huge plus and plenty of online information to follow. I generally feel more healthy and happy with my appearance which makes me more confident. thank you Jenn & Dr. R”

Thomas S.

“I’ve lost 12lb from this program & I feel more energetic. I feel like I’ve learn how to eat better & learn to only eat when hungry not just when bored. I really like the results of this program.”

Grace B.

“The program has helped me tremendously to focus on healthy eating choices. It is very easy to follow if you are truly committed to making healthy lifestyle changes. The staff (Dr. R, Jen, Jackie) are fantastic. They are very supportive in helping you reach your goals.”

Sharon S.

“I have lost 24 lbs on this diet. It works! I feel good, energetic great support from my coach Jenn. She was patient, answering my questions on a daily basis. She even made time to get back to me on some weekends when I had urgent questions. Couldn’t have done it without her. Dr. Rendelstein was absolutely amazing too staff is encouraging and cheerful. A pleasure to come into the office. Trick now is learning to keep the weight off. Dr. Rendelstein is teaching me how.”

Sharon A.

“Success to me is feeling great in my clothes and being happy when I look in the mirror. The support and the program are fantastic as it keeps me on track and keeps me accountable to achieve my goals.”

Sandra A.

What Makes This Program Different?

Learn what sets Thintech’s weight loss programs apart.

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Weight loss among participants on the Thintech weight loss program varies. Federal agencies suggest most people who participate in any weight loss program will lose an average of 1-2 pounds per week. Thintech weight loss programs involve low calories (800 calories/day) and other dietary and lifestyle restrictions or modifications.

Testimonials are from actual clients who have completed the program and did not receive any compensation for their endorsements. There is no guarantee of specific results. Results may vary. Due in part to their success on the Thintech programs, some individuals subsequently became Thintech employees.

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