Weight Loss - A Tale of Two People

Weight Loss: A Tale of Two People

Bonnie was 56 when she first came to the office for a weight loss consultation. “This is my last hope” she said.  “If this doesn’t work, I give up”.  Well, after losing 50 + pounds on the program, Bonnie has not given up. In fact, there is no quit in her at all. She still comes in to the office once a week, faithfully, to get weighed in. She is a regular at monthly dinner lectures. As a result, Bonnie has a new life. She loves her body and she loves how she feels.

Katie also achieved fantastic results. She lost 35 lbs in 40 days and felt amazing. Katie chose not to continue communicating with the office or to follow the program beyond the initial weight loss phase.  Several months later, she called in a frantic state. “Doctor R, I’ve got to come in” she said. “I’ve let myself go and gained weight!” Katie did the program and, again, lost a terrific amount of weight and regained her happiness.  

So, what can we learn from this:

  1. Everyone wants a permanent solution but not everyone is willing to commit to making permanent changes.
  2. It’s hard out there on your own.  The world we live in is not designed to make us healthy.  Your chances of being successful are much better if you have support and guidance.  
  3. Stay engaged. At ThinTech, we offer incredible resources.

Why Choose ThinTech Weight Loss Programs:

The right weight loss program and team can set you up for a lifetime of health and wellness success. 

  • Improved Wellness
  • Less Chronic Pain
  • More Energy
  • Healthier Heart
  • Better Sleep
  • Lower Stress

Thintech works with people to help eliminate barriers to optimized health and increase awareness of other areas of life that contribute to overall wellness Our goal is to help create a path toward success, happiness, and health.

The right weight loss program and team can set you up for a lifetime of health and wellness success. Contact ThinTech Weight Loss by calling (908) 276-4393 or booking an online consultation.

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