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“Insanity can be defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

The path to a healthier life is not a cookie-cutter process, so why do we think a cookie cutter approach to weight loss is going to work??

Are you ready to stop the insanity that is the typical, cookie cutter weight loss program and give ThinTech a try??”

– Dr. David Rendelstein DPSc


Help is not just for people who live locally! Our remote free Weight Loss Empowerment Sessions is just as enlightening and transformational as our in-office session.

Here is what you will receive:
  • 30 min. Consultation with Dr. Rendelstein DPSc or one of our staff. We will discuss your history, and goals and help in identifying your biggest barrier to weight loss success.
  • You’ll leave with an increased understanding about why you may be weight loss resistant, and what it will take to correct it.

We are blessed to be able to offer our programs to people on a remote basis and have helped people from Florida, to Texas, to California. In fact, Dr. Rendelstein’s own mother lost 100 + from Las Vegas, Nevada!

Book a FREE Weight Loss Empowerment Session today!

or book online:

Call (908) 276-4393 or book online:

“I achieved my goal weight of 175lbs (12lb. loss) in 20 Days!”

“The journey has been absolutely amazing. I achieved my goal weight of 175lbs (12lb. loss) in 20 Days! I also experienced a reduction in my blood pressure, and am now in the normal range (for the past 8 days).

Both Dr. R & my Coach Jen have been positive and motivating forces! I am grateful for them!

I am eager to progress to the next to the next phase, and I am now in fellow advocate of the program!”

– Wayne N.

Real People, Real Results

Jenny Pinho

108lbs in 3
40 Day Programs

Jennifer Parese-Silvestro

Integrative Nutrition
Health Coach Of ThinTech
Lost 52lbs in 60 Days

Jill Bhola

Lost Over 111lbs in (3)
40-Day Programs

About ThinTech Weight loss

We help our clients achieve a Happy, Healthy, and Hopeful lifestyle, by drastically improving their health with tools they can use for a lifetime!

We work with our clients to eliminate barriers to optimized health and increase awareness of other areas of life that contribute to overall wellness.

Our goal is to help create a path towards success, happiness and health.

Dr. David Rendelstein DPSc

Owner & Founder of ThinTech

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