Overweight and Overwhelmed?

How would it feel to NOT having to think about portions and NOT have to worry about counting calories and still lose weight?

Let’s face it: we are all plagued by overwhelm at times – too many decisions, too much to think about, too many responsibilities.

Have you ever wished that someone could take away some of the overthinking and make just ONE area of your life… well, effortless?!

No thinking about portions. No worrying about counting calories. We’ve done the hard work for you, so you can focus your energy and attention on some other area in life!

Well… You’re in luck because ThinTech has the perfect program for you!!


The ThinTech THINkless Program

Our THINkless Program is a simple weight loss program, specifically designed for over-thinkers who often find themselves stuck in paralyzing overwhelm (or flat-out avoidance) when it comes to weight loss.

With THINKless, we’ve done all the hard work for you!

No thinking about portions.

No worrying about counting calories.

No hustling around to order a million supplements, vitamins, kitchen equipment, and food containers.

Now, you can achieve your fitness goals AND have the freedom to focus your energy & attention in other areas of your life!

THINkless Program Home Kit

What's included?

I’m Ready to Lose Weight!

If you’re feeling….

*you don’t want to hear another word about Keto, Calorie counting, intermittent fasting, cutting carbs, macros, etc., etc., etc.

*confused about what to do about your weight.

*afraid to commit!

*exhausted from starting a new program every Monday.

*like you have the voices of too many weight loss “Gurus” in your head.

*desperate for a simple, inexpensive solution that you can understand and execute right away.

…then the THINkless Program is for you!

The best part?! There is only ONE decision to be made:
DO IT or not.

The rest is easy.

We are on a mission to create Happy, Healthy, and Hopeful people who want to achieve their ideal weight and a renewed zest for life!!

Shari DeVore

Tom Dorian

Real People, Real Results.

Take a look below to see the success our clients have had from our ThinTech Weight Loss Programs!

Jenny Pinho

108lbs in 3
40 Day Programs

Natalie Levitt

She Loss 30lbs in 40 Days!

Jill Bhola

Lost Over 111lbs in (3)
40-Day Programs

More than just a program...

THINkless isn’t just a weight loss program – the benefits extend far beyond just the number on the scale going down.

During this program, you will learn more than just how to lose weight and gain control; you’ll also be developing the skills and healthy habits you need to free yourself from the cycle of overthinking, so you can live your life with more certainty, peace, and confidence.

Are you ready to knock down those barriers keeping you from

losing weight and living your best life??

This program is a $600 Value

Take advantage of our special offer:

Your price: $89

Now is the time to lay down the infrastructure for a happier, healthier, more hopeful you!!

We’ll be here to guide you every step of the way!

Get me in the program now!

Before and After

Dr. David Rendelstein, DPSc

Founder of ThinTech Weight Loss

My name is Dr. David Rendelstein DPSc and much of my life has been spent finding weight loss solutions, first for myself, and then for my clients.

I’m not the “weight loss chemistry guy,” or the “weight loss rah rah guy.”

My goal is to be the Weight Loss Solutions Guy!

After helping thousands of people lose weight, I’ve learned a bunch of invaluable lessons, lessons that should be shouted from the rooftops but aren’t. And the first one is this:


In fact, it is one of the primary barriers! Too much thinking causes procrastination, confusion, overwhelm, and more often than not leads to quitting.

This is why I forbid you to think! It is also why I’ve created a program which is so structured and easy to follow that you won’t have to.

The THINkless program has been designed to address 2 of the biggest barriers to weight loss success; Too much thinking and too little control. Have you ever had the thought,

“If only I had an exact plan, someone who could tell me exactly what to eat, I know I’d be successful”?

Well, now you do. If a person does not have an exact and easy to follow plan, their chance of success decreases dramatically. A weight loss plan must be specific enough that it does not allow for confusion, guessing, or creativity.

Casual choices are good. Major decisions are not.

With the THINkless program, there is only one decision to be made; DO IT or not.

The rest is easy.

Get me in the program now!

Get me in the program now!


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