10-Day Launch Program

Intro Program for a fast start into a new mindset –

  • Classic (Core 4 – 1 .5 ml bottle of Weight Loss Formula, 1 HydroVitalize, 1 HydroMolecular, 1 MineralMost)
  • 1 journal
  • 1 food plan

Original price was: $599.00.Current price is: $299.00.

What is it?

The 10 Day Launch is a scaled down version of our amazing 40 day program. The 10 Day Launch is a way to do exactly that, “launch” yourself into this revolutionary fat burning, and life changing, program. It has been designed to have no barriers to entry. Thus, it is fast, inexpensive and easy to execute.


The mechanics of the program are super easy to follow.  The program includes a supplement protocol, and an easy to follow food plan.  Once you’ve got these two things down, you are 95% of the way there.  The key is execution!  Please stick to the program as faithfully as possible for best results.

How it works

Desperate people will try almost anything to lose weight; from starvation, to drugs, to surgery. Most approaches to weight loss have two unfortunate things in common; 1. They are based purely on caloric restriction. 2. They do not address the many causes which make the body more prone to conserving fat.

Calories are like the fuel, but the fuel has to go into an engine, and if the engine is sluggish, the car will not function as efficiently as it should. It’s the same with the body. Some people simply have more efficient “engines” and can burn fat easily, instead of storing it (think of your friend – the one with the great metabolism, who can eat whatever they want and still remain lean. Admit it, you hate this person, but you want to be like them!).

In some ways, the human engine (known as the metabolism) is similar to a car engine, and subject to similar challenges. What, then, are the factors which can slow down an engine/metabolism?

  • Toxins: Imagine a car engine with gunk all over it. Now imagine that inside the body.
  • Insufficient water: Neither cars, nor bodies, can function without it.
  • An imbalance of chemicals: In the body, this would include hormones – the chemical messengers which control almost all functions.
  • Rust: In the body it’s called “oxidative stress”.
  • Poor quality fuel: it must be noted that human food is fuel, but so much more because it contains nutrients which sustain life.
  • Insufficient oxygen: Good luck burning fuel without oxygen.


The 10 Day Launch is designed to help you begin the process of addressing all of these factors!


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