Portion Control – How Important Is It in Weight Loss? 

Portion control is an important topic. It is not everything. There is a lot that goes into health and that goes into weight loss. Obviously there are factors like your metabolism, hormones, as well as nutrition actually. Portion control is not necessarily nutrition. For some people portion control means only one Big Mac and not supersizing the fries.

So there are a lot of factors, but portion control is not nothing. We live in a country, in a society that has little sense of proper portions anymore. This is a big problem. 

Misunderstanding of Portion Control

There’s a lot of miscommunication when it comes to portion control. Because when you say portion control, many think “Ugh, this is gonna be terrible. I have to portion my food.” It requires work, too much effort. People feel they’re not gonna be eating enough. They’re not gonna feel full. There’s a lot of misunderstandings about it. It is not that. It’s actually, when you’re eating the right foods and the right amounts, you are full. And when you portion it out, it actually saves you time. Done correctly, it’s the complete opposite of what many people’s theory about it really is.

We seem to have this idea that we have to be full. It is probably some combination of the ancient brain, the part of our brains that is all about survival. The full belly means good survival. Sure. And probably combine that with marketing and then, parents and grandparents pushing food on us like we’re supposed to do that. So there are a lot of factors mitigating against us eating like normal human beings. 

Have you ever heard, “eat until you’re full.” Right. But the truth is, it takes time for your body to feel full from what you’re putting in your mouth. And here’s something that most people do not know about feeling full. Everything in the body is controlled by hormones to some degree. These are the chemical messengers that dictate everything from sleep to mood to weight gain. There is a hormone that tells you when you are full. For a lot of people who are overweight or obese, that hormone doesn’t really work anymore. That is one of the hormones that get, for lack of a better word, broken. An obese person really doesn’t know. This is not true in every case, but in a lot of cases when they’re full the hormone doesn’t fire, so they will keep eating until they are sick.

What Can We Do to Assist People With Portion Control?

We do have our Thinkless containers, which are amazing. I mean, they’re color coordinated for what you need to be eating. So your fruits, your vegetables, your proteins, and your healthy fats as well. So it breaks it down. It’s all there. It makes prep work, planning and making better decisions just that much easier. It’s as simple as that. It lays it out for you at a glance. You can just plan.

They really solve a couple of problems that are big problems. One is they solve the problem, obviously of portion control. Yes. But two, they solve the problem of thinking and they solve the problem of structure. 

Having an intro program such as the Thinkless program is great  for kids because it teaches them proper portion control. Instead of measuring your food, you just put it in these containers and you don’t have to think about that.

Shameless plug: the Thinkless Containers are a tool of control. That’s the whole idea. That’s what we’re trying to help people with. Ease the feeling of overwhelm, give a greater sense of control and actual control. So absolutely. I don’t want everyone to consider that we are adding them to 40 day programs as a promo. It is a valuable tool. It’s really something that will solve a problem now and later. So even if you’re not 110% committed now, if you have a plan you’ll be more successful. So if you have some sort of plan to fix yourself or to get yourself back in order and in shape, not just health wise, but  mentally, then I feel that when you’re doing the right things for your body, you feel better. Everything seems to feel better.

The Worst Plan is Better Than No Plan at All

People know this but some people can have resistance to an actual plan to structure. It’s the kind of thing when you don’t have it, you want it desperately. But then you get one and you rebel against it. Some people aren’t like that. They don’t have that innate resistance and they just love to be on some kind of a plan. But it is necessary to have at least the loose outlines of one, if not a very strict one, one that’s gonna support what and when you need. 

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