Eat real food you buy at the local market.

You don’t need us to tell you what a struggle it can be trying to lose body fat. Regardless of whether you’re looking to improve your health, eliminate joint pain or simply look better at the beach, our weight loss program is a doctor-supervised, proven system that enables our clients to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

As part of your individual weight loss strategy, we’ll provide a customized food plan that is unique, easy-to-follow and exceptionally informative. Utilizing your health history and wellness objectives, we’ll generate a personalized nutrition report listing your ideal, preferred, and cautionary foods.  Your report will list in order your best protein, second best protein, third best, etc.  You’ll get the same list for fruits and vegetables.

Your customized food plan is designed to take the guesswork out of what to eat while giving you options that simply don’t exist in one-size-fits-all diets.


Our weight loss program is unlike any other, with many satisfied clients eager tell you that our program worked for them – and it will work for you too!

Frequently Ask Questions

Amazingly, NO!  Once your body gets into an optimal state of fat burning, your stored fat cells will be used to fuel your body and you will not be hungry.

With the exception of anything that your MD has written a prescription for, we will ask that you suspend taking any over-the-counter supplements for the first 40-60 days of the program.

Optimally, no.  It is best to not participate in any type of exercise where you will sweat profusely.  If you are going do exercise of this type, please discuss it with your coach first.

No.  This program is designed to work WITH your body, and that means eating food - REAL FOOD - not prepackaged, processed meals.  You will learn how to eat properly for your body and will love the way REAL food taste and makes you feel!

The program is first and foremost a whole-body “detox” as well as a fat-burning, weight-loss program.  Changing your personal care products for the first 40 days ensures that ingredients that prevent you from losing weight are removed from your body.

YES!  We are not that sadistic, and there are studies that show that caffeine can help with weight loss.  Just remember, you cannot use creamers or sugars in your tea or coffee.

A: Eating high quality protein can activate the body’s response to kick start your metabolism into fat burning.

A: Education and coaching support!

We provide only Whole Food nutritional supplements, which allows the body to innately return to a state of health and harmony.

We’re here to protect your business, life and much more...

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