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Mistakes That Cause You to Gain Weight Back – Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1, which covers some basic mistakes that cause us to gain weight back, you can read it here.

Don’t Rely on Will Power Alone

The fifth mistake that people make, which causes them to put their weight back on, is relying on willpower. So, here’s how this generally works. You lose a bunch of weight and you say, I will never gain the weight back again. That is not a plan, that is a declaration. So the plan is then that your willpower is going to be so strong that you are not going to cheat ever again. This will not work for most people. For some it might. For most people it will not.

Not Having a Back Up Plan!

Mistake number six that causes people to regain their lost weight is not having a contingency plan. Now, most of you have heard that failing to plan is planning to fail, but it turns out it’s actually important to plan to fail. So failing to plan to fail, is planning to fail as well. And what I mean by that is that most people will find themselves going in the wrong direction at some time in the future, and you must have a contingency plan. A contingency is a plan that kicks in when things start to go in the wrong direction. It’s also known as a fail safe. You may not need it, but you better have that plan in place just in case you do.

Failing to Track Your Weight Regularly

Reason or mistake number seven, that people regain their lost weight is not tracking their weight regularly. Now, let’s look at this logically. It behooves you to have a plan in place, a contingency plan in case things go in the wrong direction. You want to address this problem at the level of smoke and not wait until it becomes a huge fire. How are you going to do that unless you have a smoke detector? That is why you want to check regularly. Now, that doesn’t have to be daily. Regularly, could be once a week, but you need an objective measurement that’s going to tell you, “oh, I gotta get my stuff together right now”. 

Okay? Take care. 

– Dr. R. ThinTech Weight Loss & Wellness

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