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Mistakes That Cause You to Gain Back Weight – Part 1

Weight Loss Motivated Only by Urgency

So the first mistake that people make when it comes to keeping lost weight off is this: it is being motivated by the fire. What do I mean by being motivated by the fire? Generally, when someone goes to lose weight, it’s because they are in a desperate situation. Clothes aren’t fitting anymore. Uh, they just got invited to a wedding that they’re not prepared for or they were just put on medication. So this is mistake number one, being motivated exclusively by the fire.

Not Deciding to Maintain Weight Loss

So here is the second mistake that people make. The first one, was being motivated by the fire exclusively. The second mistake that people make is related to that. It’s being hyper-focused on weight loss because the fire is so intense because people are trying to fix that bad situation. The focus becomes exclusively about weight loss. Well, once you lose weight, you might have another 40 years to live, so there’s no consideration at all for how to keep the weight off. This is mistake number two. No consideration for keeping it off because you’re so hyper-focused on losing it in the first place.

Changing what Worked to Lose Weight

The next mistake that people make, which causes them to regain weight that was lost is simply this, changing what you did that worked. Human beings have this odd capacity, which is when something works, it works so well that they then change what they were doing. If preparation is the key that you find that you prepare all your meals for a week or for three days at a time, that is something that worked, you want to continue to do that. Okay? So that is mistake number three, changing what you did that worked!

The Environment will Throw Curves into your Weight Loss Plans

The fourth mistake is “perfecting it”. When you try to keep the weight off, if your plan is to be perfect, you are asking for trouble. Most of us are not perfect, so you need to have some contingencies in place. To learn more about the contingencies and how to overcome gaining back lost weight read this free eBook: Keeping It Off – Your Guide to Weight Management!

Are you tired of the rollercoaster ride of losing weight only to put it back on? Dr. David Rendelstein is no stranger to the challenges of weight loss and keeping the weight off – he’s been there. His own weight loss journey taught him that weight loss and maintaining the weight loss is not simply a matter of calories in and calories out. He learned that while diet and exercise are important elements, there’s more to it than that.

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