How To Keep the Weight Off

What does it take to keep weight off once you lose it? This is the holy grail, isn’t it? To be able to simply control your weight to keep it off. Several months ago I asked myself this question, why is it so difficult on our programs? I know that people are able to lose weight. They have a lot of certainty about their ability to do so, but all too often people go back to their old lives, their old habits, and they gain all the weight back and more. Why? Why is it such a big challenge? Well, it turns out the answer is for many, many reasons. And I investigated this from a holistic perspective, not only just physically or physiologically based on foods that people eat, but also based on the mental aspects, the emotional aspects, the social aspects. So here are a couple of things that I discovered. 

Have a Plan to Maintain Weight Loss

The first problem is that people generally do not have a plan for maintaining their weight loss. Instead of a plan, people have a desire to do so and a hope, but  a desire plus a hope does not equal a plan. Now, the hope tends to be that they will be so perfect ’cause it matters so much to them that they will never eat anything bad again. And we know that this is a setup for failure. The very first thing we need if we are going to be able to keep our weight off, is we need understanding. 

Have the Correct Mindset for Weight Loss

Second thing we need is the right mindset because the mindset for losing weight, and the mindset for keeping it off is very, very different. A person could be disciplined for a month or two months, generally they can stick to things exactly. It’s much harder to make that kind of commitment over a very long time, over a matter of years. Inevitably people transgress and more often than not, there’s no plan to get back onto the path once they do. So it becomes a matter of managing fires. So we need that understanding.. We need that mindset and we need the proper game plan. So when I set out to do this, I ended up creating some really cool materials to give people this understanding and mindset and game plan and to help a person create it. Because whereas weight loss can be kind of a very rigid discipline, weight maintenance cannot be in most cases. There needs to be flexibility built in. It needs to be more forgiving.

Guide to Keeping the Weight Off 

So what I’ve come up with is a couple of things. Number one, a guide. I’ve created this fantastic guidebook, KEEPING IT OFF: YOUR GUIDE TO WEIGHT MANAGEMENT, for giving people the knowledge such that they can keep their weight off. Number two, and this, I recommend everyone to do this, we are actually setting up keeping it off consultations. We’ve never done that before in the past. Weight loss consultations were mostly about weight loss, but we have to have a separate consultation in order to be able to help people in their efforts to keep weight off. Given that that is a separate discipline in and of itself. And it goes along with the guide. And the third thing is we’ve created a program, a maintenance program. Now be clear about something. In the past we had a very good maintenance program, but it was too rigid. So it wasn’t workable, it wasn’t easy. Weight maintenance, keeping it off, needs to be easy and workable. 

And lastly, this program, this what we call our ThinTain Program – for helping you keep the weight off – it goes along with the principles that you’ll find in the guide outlining what the biggest sabotages for people are. We know how to overcome them now. So I wanna encourage everybody to make a “Keeping it Off” consultation. 

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This book offers real-world solutions with helpful guides that you can use to overcome the barriers to keeping the weight off.


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