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Handling Overwhelm In Life & Weight Loss

So I think we’ve all found ourselves in a place where we just couldn’t get it together. We know that we need to do something. We know that we need to get control of our weight and our health or our finances or what have you, and yet we can’t seem to do it. It seems that more and more people these days find themselves in this situation. I think a big part of the problem with doing this for weight and health is the problem that we’re seeing in the world at large. We were not designed to swallow the world whole. 

Let me tell you what I mean by that. If you rewind the clock a few hundred years, you don’t even have to go back that far. But just for clarity’s sake, a few hundred years, there was very little we had to deal with regarding information coming in. There was no news, there was no radio, there was no media to speak of. If something tragic happened in a far off place, it would take days to get to us and we’d hear the story and we’d say, that’s a shame.

So Much Negativity In The World 

Now we live in a very big world. At any one time, there are many tragedies happening simultaneously or potential tragedies. There’s war, there’s famine, there’s flooding, there’s disease. And again, we used to be able to swallow that one piece at a time. But now thanks to the immediacy of our modern media, especially the internet, it’s all coming at us at once. It is impossible to comprehend it all simultaneously and we find ourselves spinning. We’re paying attention, or we’re trying to pay attention to everything at the same time. And it seems like all of these situations are dangerous. Now, if you take a look, you’ll also discover that while famine and war and all of those other horrors are happening, there are also people getting married. There are bridges being built somewhere in the world, a child has discovered a butterfly and is chasing it, but that doesn’t get our attention, does it? If we would hear more stories like that, we would be better off for it.

Why Do We Feel Overwhelmed? 

The fact is that the ‘shocking’ and the ‘dangerous’ is what gets our attention the most. And the people whose job it is to sell us news and information know that. And because we now have a 24 hour news cycle, there is a war for our attention. And it’s all upon us at the same time. Now think about it. If you had to carry groceries from your car to your house, you’d probably be okay with one bag. If you had to carry a dozen bags at once, it would all fall down. And I think the fear of everything falling down and falling apart is something that’s present in our consciousness maybe all the time. And that fear seems more real when we’re looking at all these potential dangers simultaneously. So again, this leads to overwhelm. And overwhelm has a lot of potential manifestations, fear, nervousness, depression, feelings of inadequacy. And when we go to do something about it, sometimes since we could really only handle one or a few things at a time, competently, maybe we feel like it’s not enough because there’s so much else that’s out there and why bother?

How to Handle Feeling Overwhelmed!

But really the power lies in our ability to handle what we can handle one thing at a time. So that is our task, to discover what it is that we can handle and then handle it. Now, that might mean breaking something down into the smallest itty-bittiest parts in the realm of weight loss. That might be just saying, okay, I’m gonna lose a half a pound this week and I’m going to do it by eliminating the cream in my coffee, for example. But the more things we have coming at us, the more crucial it is to just discover one thing that we can accomplish. And it’s kind of an irony because we know we have to accomplish many, many things, but if we don’t handle just the one, it will never happen. We will never get to the rest. So this is the prescription for fighting overwhelm and for fighting all of the potential effects of overwhelm. Figure out one thing, just one that you know you can do, that you know you can accomplish. One thing you know you can face – and do it. 

Overwhelmed With Weight Loss 

And in the realm of weight loss, when you’re not sure what to do, and we all get to that place, think about this, ‘eating single ingredient foods.’ There’s nothing simpler than that. For lunch, I’m going to have three single ingredient foods. For example, a piece of chicken, an avocado and some kale, for example. Single ingredient foods. It is an excellent application of this rule about handling what you can’t handle. We don’t have to worry about complexities, preparing difficult recipes. It’s easy on our bodies. So remember that. If you remember nothing else, remember one thing is infinitely easier than many things all at once.

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