Mistakes That Cause You to Gain Weight Back – Part 2

Feet On Weight Scale

If you haven’t read Part 1, which covers some basic mistakes that cause us to gain weight back, you can read it here. Don’t Rely on Will Power Alone The fifth mistake that people make, which causes them to put their weight back on, is relying on willpower. So, here’s how this generally works. You […]

Mistakes That Cause You to Gain Back Weight – Part 1

Woman afraid to look when stepping on the weigh scale

Weight Loss Motivated Only by Urgency So the first mistake that people make when it comes to keeping lost weight off is this: it is being motivated by the fire. What do I mean by being motivated by the fire? Generally, when someone goes to lose weight, it’s because they are in a desperate situation. […]

Handling Overwhelm In Life & Weight Loss

Young woman eating single ingredient foods.

So I think we’ve all found ourselves in a place where we just couldn’t get it together. We know that we need to do something. We know that we need to get control of our weight and our health or our finances or what have you, and yet we can’t seem to do it. It […]

Different Kinds of Diets!

Which Diet Is For You!

Let’s discuss the different kinds of diets. We hear a lot of things. It can be kind of confusing. Keto, paleo, low carb, plant-based, Mediterranean.


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