Peace of mind is defined as, “A feeling of calm” or “The absence of mental stress or anxiety”.

Excess weight can definitely eat away (no pun intended) at feelings of calmness, serenity and security.

Take this quiz to discover how your peace of mind has been affected by your weight.

What kind of eater are you? Do you eat when you’re stressed? When you’re bored? Do you eat to solve a problem or as a way of connecting with others? What are the conditions or circumstances that will cause you to overeat?

Everyone has a “trigger” and when it’s pulled, it can be VERY difficult to avoid eating unhealthy food in excess.. This quiz will help you identify what your triggers are, which type of eater it causes you to be and more importantly, what can be done about it. Having this knowledge will help you to take control of your eating at long last!


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