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ThinTech WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS help you make the right choices for a lifetime of health and wellness

The right weight loss program and team can set you up for a lifetime of health and wellness success.

Meet Jill! She lost over 111lbs in our 40 Day Program.
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Healthy Eating

Returning to a healthy weight begins with a healthy, balanced diet. We’ll show you how choosing foods that help you lose the extra weight will also help you keep it off for good.

No Prepackaged Food

Our personalized food plans focus on fresh, healthy foods you can buy at your local market. We enable you to make informed choices while you enjoy your favorite restaurants.

No Counting

You have enough things to keep track of -- schedules, meetings, homework etc. With our program you focus on your life instead of counting points.

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Tools To Last A Lifetime

Can you imagine a lifetime of pre-packaged food or having to keep track of everything you eat? Neither can we. So we give you the tools that enable you to make smart choices no matter where you eat.

Dr. David Rendelstein, DPSc - Owner ThinTech Weight Loss and Wellness

Keeping It Off

Your Guide to Weight Management

This book offers real-world solutions with helpful guides that you can use to overcome the barriers to keeping the weight off.


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